The Captivating Attainment of Libertarianism


“The Surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”

-Freidrich Nietzsche

An important trophy to hold in life is that of being an individual. By this, I mean to say that beings should be prideful with the concept of uniqueness. One shan’t strive to be uniformed to society, rather than to be the spark in the complacent world we reside in currently.

It is a rare instance that there are beings who strive to be different… there are even fewer beings that are just that way by birth (naturally). There is a major difference in trying to be an individual, than actually being one. Yes, you can argue the fact that one is an individual by birth, for the obvious reason that you leave your mother’s womb and are then expected to be your “own person” so to speak. This is not what I mean by individual however; those who think critically, speak up when oppressed, and lead the world to differentiate between uniformity and libertarian… are those that truly are Individuals.

Let us go deeper with this thought; to not be bothered, moved, or have your opinions changed by your surroundings is a difficult task to achieve in today’s society. Not for me, so I am not speaking from experience, but for several others. I state this for the reason being that too many individuals that I cross paths with, work with, read their pieces, or even over hear their conversations… all seem to correlate to the same tune. It seems too obvious that beings are fearful of liberation, of freedom, of the Truth.

We should all be focused on guiding our youth to embrace their individualities, rather than bury them deep down. Society needs to adapt and accept “different” better than it ever has before. We must begin to view “different” as intelligent, as a leader, as the Truth; & view Uniformity as bland, scared, and a letdown. Until this deed is done, the world will continue to have the misconception of what true liberty is… we will continue to suffer. We, the Seekers of Truth, need to comprehend the ability we posses to let our intuitionism guide us not only through life, but let it lead as the only way possible to live.

-Truth Seeker

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27 thoughts on “The Captivating Attainment of Libertarianism

  1. You truly are marvelous and speak like Socrates himself (Gnothi Seuton: Know thy self). Yes, it’s truly a quest to be an unique and enlightened individual. The quote of Nietzsche is at its best. I am going to seriously read you from now on. Anand Bose From Kerala

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  2. I think this is the most important quality of any political sense – to be independent (whether you identify right or left) and talk, listen, watch and read critically. Coming from the left this is more difficult (because of the underlying desire to collectivise and unify), but possible – think of Orwell and Hemingway as great examples of individualism and left-wing thought. Acknowledging the balance and potential problems is essential, and individualism will always be a vital concept.

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    • Yes I do see the point you are making… I am also getting the sense that maybe I did not make my point clear enough on my post. Meaning that yes, I believe that being a true individual (feeling secure with yourself) is the way to live life… this thought does not count out being able to unify with people.
      You can still be a unified individual.. my statement was to not let others influence your true self, yet by all means work towards becoming a unified society with your independent characteristics.
      Thank you for your comments..

      -Truth Seeker

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  3. Love the Nietzsche quote…..I never understood why so many people feel they have to convince others to agree with their point of view. It’s almost as if they don’t feel their opinion has value unless multitudes of others agree with them. Why can’t we respect each others’ viewpoints and work together despite our differences? Isn’t that called compromise?

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    • I have to completely agree! I have never understood that aspect of the human character either. I guess you and I can be grateful for the fact that we don’t fall into that category.. And be saddened for those that do.
      We can only hope that the whole world awakens…
      Thanks for the comment, it is greatly appreciated

      -Truth Seeker


    • I think the motif of wanting all to agree with one’s opinion stems from the desire to change others, to feel secure. There is an over emphasis on being ‘right’ – mistakes and failures are frowned upon rather than seen as learning opportunity. Being or thinking differently threatens inner feelings of security.
      Absolutely agree that everyone’s opinion no matter how different has value, but by no means do we all have to agree!!

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  4. Adversity is the mother of contusion, anarchy the father of confusion, conformity the progenitor of illusion; diversity the author of conclusion.
    I hope this clears things up for you.
    If not, step not to the noise you fear, but to the music you think you hear; for you, my friend, have subscribed to a different drummer. And that is quite ok; the Word beat goes on whether you hear it or not.
    May it be well with you and yours.

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    • But so called “libertarianism” is chock full of unexamined presumptions about what we are as human beings, and of our relationship to everyone and everything as an Indivisible Unity. And how ever fraction of what we are is patterned (hell-deep) by the culture in which we live.
      It is essentially a very adolescent “philosophy” which eschews or is threatened by the moral demand inherent in Reality It-Self to live consciously in relationship to all beings, both human and non-human.

      Humankind is essentially very similar to an ant’s nest or beehive. Everybody is “living” out an unconscious script created and replicated in every generation by the system/hive itself. Furthermore, the system itself is completely indifferent to the well-being or survival of any of its individual units.
      Libertarians like to pretend that they are being different or even “rebellious” but, they too, are just played out an invisible unconscious script.

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      • I don’t ‘believe’ in a so-called Libertarian ideology, I prefer to indulge in my liberty to think outside the box. All ‘isms’ are boxes of containment which have been labelled and categorised to rationalise acts of free will.


  5. I think your writing is very informative , well thought out and logical, your writing and my art compliment each other , I like the way your blog is done, i only started mine 6 days ago. so still learning the ropes, but very quickly.

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  6. I think whilst it is important to view difference as at least for the most part an inherent good, it is far too often seen as an inherent utility when it is not. Some differences are better than others. Romanticizing difference in itself on a societal level threatens to make those with useless and inane differences think they are equal to a Plato or an Orwell. Not every difference is that of a leader, or of truth, or of intelligence.

    There’s also something to be said of the conformity that you dislike. Commonality builds society and the nine-to-five life of many people is there because it works, because it improves peoples lives, and because most people have a family to provide for. It is virtuous to sacrifice your own dreams and uniqueness in the name of giving your children a better life. I’m English and so my libertarianism is more of the working-class variety, and I see great virtue to some extent in the normal, in the conforming. Libertarianism is the attempt to build a society based on free and non-coercive relationships and that’s what the working classes do. They choose to care for their family and friends despite having every option to go be an ultimately unique intellectual living off on their own in a field. You have sacrifice some of your individuality to have relationships because that’s how communication works. That graft, that grind without end for your family isn’t unique, special or revolutionary, but it’s honorable and it’s right.

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