Women & the “BackSeat”


I am a soul with a mind that is continuously engrossed with various topics. I appreciate a challenge in attempting to change my methods, but I can almost guarantee they will fall short. I do not write for your opinions or satisfaction… I right for a movement, an edification; I write for those who seek the Truth.

For as long as my mind can wonder, it seems pretty evident that women have always been in the backseat. Not put second to men, but instead put last completely. Positioned behind every minority, animal, and even historical document… women seem to not only be forgotten, but they are also continuously pushed and silenced from their thoughts, needs, and passions. Most upsetting of all, they were denied a VOICE.

Starting off as a part of the womb, girls are already being brainwashed into taking part in womanly duties. Example, once two parents discover the gender of their baby is female, they instantly begin to decorate the females room with pink, bows, princesses, little kitchen sets, cleaning supplies in toy format, they even go as far as to buy a “toy baby” to give to their own child. Females are basically thrown the demands of motherhood from the second of their birth. No one can argue that a female makes these choices for herself, a child in general can not even make up their minds when it comes to their choice in food, more less be able to make a choice to turn motherhood into playtime.

I see this everywhere, it is upsetting and despicable. Seeing a young female pushing a toy stroller with a toy baby in it. It is simply a form of manipulation… caused by the major toy companies. They have instilled into our minds that this type of behavior from small females is acceptable in today’s society. Instead of forcing these females to discover motherhood at a young age, why do we not place maps, blue prints, books, and pen/paper in their hands? Why must we remain conformed in a society that has always known “the women cooks, cleans, cares for the children… the men make the money and have all say so in the house”. I say no… NO MORE!

I do not know if this muddles anyone else’s minds… but I do intend for these words to inspire and awaken those women, young or old, to stand up and use the voice that they now have today! Thanks to remarkable women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, women now are able to vote, work, attend school… and truly make something of yourselves. It is not the men who are suppressing women any longer, no.. it is WOMEN themselves! Do not fall into the ambush of the toy companies, the “traditional duties” that women are supposed to perform, or the complacency that sometimes men push onto women.

If you who are living today do not make use of the history and struggles women have gone through to get here… those who fought for this cause will have died in vain and women could possibly REMAIN in the backseat; not in their own lives… but the backseat of the World.

-Truth Seeker


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27 thoughts on “Women & the “BackSeat”

  1. Man good point about women keeping other women down. Like the ones that shame other women for simply wanting to live a career based lifestyle, instead of just being a wife with kids. Nothing wrong with being a housewife and taking care of children, it’s really a great honour I think, but women are free to do so much more beyond that if they so please.

    I am thankful to be around women who can safely and proudly buy toy babies for their SONS to nurse, whilst having the option to have GI Joe fight Goku when these boys are done taking care of their toy baby.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with little girls having toy babies to push around in strollers, it is an evolutionary fact that women are usually the primary caregivers of children. However, I am, like you, disgusted when that’s ALL that’s offered to little girls as opposed to toys and entertainment that teaches them that their identity is solely rooted in their evolutionary purpose.

    Nice post, nonetheless!

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read and comment my post. Yes… Women are constantly comparing and contrasting themselves to each other as well as shaming other women for various items like weight or even marriage.. I could have gone on forever with this post. Sometimes I think that I could just continue writing and not stop… Then I remember, no one likes to read hours of ramblings. None the less, glad I could give you some insight! Please read anytime

      -Truth Seeker


  2. I am a man, and I am a feminist. What does that mean? To put it simply, I believe that men and women should have access to the same opportunities. Access to Education. Same pay for same work. And to be accountable for their lives and actions in the same manner.


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  3. All true. Women don’t even get the benefit of popular outrage over our discrimination. Donald Trump’s racism gets way more concern and air time than his misogyny. Black MEN’S Lives are what Really Matter. Gender issues have been hijacked by transwomen, evidenced by Bruce Jenner as “Caitlyn,” Glamour’s Woman of the Year, telling us the hardest thing about being a woman is “deciding what to wear.” The slightest disparaging remark against black men, Muslims, gay men and transwomen is NOT COOL AT ALL while sexist harassment of women in public is still supposed to be a “compliment” and women should lighten up and be good sports, know how to take a joke. Rape didn’t happen unless dozens of other women come forward, as in Bill Cosby’s case (and STILL some people refuse to believe it). Charlie Sheen deserves sympathy and applause for finally admitting to his HIV after four years, while the many women he possibly infected by keeping it secret brought it upon themselves for being “whores” (paid for by Charlie Sheen himself!). Just a few contemporary examples there.

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  4. I have an interesting perspective of this view. My mom didn’t find out the sex of her child (me) until she was born. And when I was 9, she left my dad and I. My dad raised me through puberty and dating and all that jazz. He pushed me to go to school and get an education, learn how to cook and clean, and do basic skills around the house (plumbing, electric, how to use power tools, etc.) My hobbies ended up including mmorpgs, coloring, reading traditional books (with real paper!) and studying. I got picked on in school for not wearing makeup or straightening my hair (because that was the style). I was the weird girl for taking advanced chemistry and calculus instead of home ec/ and cooking. I often wonder how things would have turned out had I been raised by my mother. Would I have stuck more to traditional gender roles?

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    • This is a beautiful remark… It is quite sad how society even makes fun of that which they don’t think is “normal”. In the eyes of my own, you should have actually been applauded for your bravery to be different. People can’t accept different.. One of the biggest downfalls of civilization. If we can’t be accepted for who we are, we are all then nothing (only robots conforming to society). It is normal to ponder how things would have been depending on your situation; but be glad at how they turned out .. These attributes are actually nobilized by others.. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment my work!

      -Truth Seeker

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  5. I am a feminist because I want society to be more decent.

    One slight thing I’ve done recently is to adopt the feminine pronoun as my default when writing about a mathematician in the abstract. That is, a mathematician “might decide she wants to study knot theory”. Girls and women should be welcome in mathematics in ways they aren’t adequately.

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  6. Often sexism is more subtle in a way that makes women question themselves, are we being too sensitive or do we really have a reason to be upset. One of my pet peeves is tools with pink handles.I question the message that is being given, though I’m sure there are other women who are happy to see more color in their toolboxes. 😉

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  7. What is the greatest honor that any human being might have. Most of us have the opportunity to bring one or more babies into the world. When we watch our children grow, we can love them and show them how to love, or we can set them adrift and go about our personal business.

    If we do what we are supposed to do, we can live life with a clear conscience. As we watch our children grow, we can also learn things about ourselves we would otherwise never know. And we will have a family who will care about us and help us hold ourselves together as the years pass.

    For it is in giving that we receive. — Francis of Assisi

    We each have finite limits. We must make choices. We will prioritize, and the consequences will come.

    Biology is what it is. If we ignore the demands of biology, either we don’t reproduce or we do not bring up healthy children with sound minds and good values. When we usually call Feminism these days has almost nothing to do with children, unfortunately. Ignore the demands of children, and Feminism becomes fantasy.

    What is the biggest problem most women have these days? Their men don’t stand by them. When women are trying to raise children, there is one thing they need more anything else. They don’t need a sex-starved boy. They need the man who impregnated them to give a damn. Hence when we choose to have sex, we must use discrimination. Both men and women must choose someone they love and they have good reason to trust, and they must marry that person BEFORE they have sex. Why would a man do that? The man who stands with his woman — only with the he loves and the woman who loves him — is the man who cares about women.

    I have two grown daughters. I hardly think that makes me some kind of expert, but does give me the perspective of many years. I also don’t much care what most of the so-called “experts” think.

    Both my daughters married decent, God-fearing young men who love them dearly. That’s what makes it easier for me to sleep soundly at night.

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  8. I personally never had any idea that a woman is ‘below’ me or men. Maybe because I’m more into spiritual matters, and I don’t think spirits have sexes. But also because where I grew up in. most of us don’t have such ideas. In older times they used to, and maybe still in some villages.

    I would like there to be balance. Not one trying to dominate the other (neither one). 🙂

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  9. Girls around the world, regardless of culture, tend to form groups centered on verbal sharing. Given the universality of this behavior, one would suspect it to have something to do with their makeup. Quite possibly, the enhanced verbal centers in female brains and different hormonal balances. In contrast, boys tend to act out and play more aggressively, again likely due to different brain and hormonal makeup.
    These verbal tendencies of females tend to cross over to nurturing behavior as well. Again, well proven by observational means over broad population groups. This does not mean males are less caring, but the interactions, on average, are quite different.
    Basically, to assume that a girl pushing a doll in a baby stroller is a victim of stereotyping without taking the whole person into account is short sighted. We do our children and society a disservice when we fail to appreciate and respect the differences between the sexes. Whether you call it the creator’s hand or millennia of evolution, there is more to being a woman than her genitalia.

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  10. This type of empirical/anecdotal evidence, combined with our ever-increasing knowledge of the human body, the brain in particular, leads me to wonder if, in the future, gender roles, behaviors and/or thought patterns, will naturally move closer to similarity.

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  11. Agree with your general ideas regarding discrimination against women.
    But I feel you have taken other extreme, i-e forcing women to abandon duties which nature and being woman demand from her. Motherhood is a woman’s exclusive domain and she has to do it and it is prevalent in all creatures. Man cannot be a mother, simple as that. Man and woman are created different and have different roles to perform. We cannot transform them into a single entity in the name of woman rights.I am all up for equal statuses for both of them but their differences should be acknowledged and rightly nurtured.
    (Though I absolutely condemn toy companies coming up with these baby toys and parents bringing those toys home for their baby girl)

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    • Exactly, men were created to be men and women were created to be women, while at the same time being equal. For a biblical perspective on this, Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” The God of the universe views men and women through a lens of perfect equality, giving them each the same level of respect and love. At the same time, men and women are both distinctly different from each other, each having intrinsic sets of strengths and weaknesses that complement each other respectively. This balance is an integral part of keeping society and civilization healthy and functional.


  12. It’s wise to always be on the lookout for generalities that perform a disservice. The utility of obvious general facts, like that men are different from women, is limited. Some good can come of noting it and being aware. But it’s detrimental to take the concept too far. Differences abound across countless cross sections. Men differ from each other. Women differ from each other. One woman’s strengths differ from another’s. We are all better off if we nurture each others’ individual strengths. For that endeavor in modern society, gender should rarely, if ever, be a key factor.
    A man who is a feminist, in my view, resists unwarranted limitations or expectations on the basis of gender. My daughters are extraordinarily capable persons, as are my sons. It is disheartening that some of my children face prejudice at times because of their gender. Fortunately, society has been changing for many years. The obstacles my daughters face are not as strong as those of my mother’s generation. But trends can reverse. So vigilance is appropriate.

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  13. I would be tempted to say that;
    A) Your post gives the classical examples of “pink bows, cuddly toys and dolls” yet those are fairly modern. (According to the Smithsonian after WW1 http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/when-did-girls-start-wearing-pink-1370097/)

    B) What would you define as the “backseat”?

    C) You are ignoring a lot of historical data. Historically, women were in many ways protected from risk. For instance, there was a higher survival rate of poor women, than wealthy men on the Titanic, armies generally consisted of largely men, and men were the hunters. The major fault is to look at this by gender, rather than by social glass.

    A Roman noble women was above a male slave.
    Just as a German baroness was above a male slave or worker.
    Just like the Tsarina was above a male serf.

    D) Ignoring biological and thus evolutionary selection within a sexually dimorphic species is also a new fashion based on the false tabula rasa premise, We see that in the most “gender equal” countries in the world (Norway, Sweden) that women make more traditional selections of higher education, than women who actually do live in patriarchies such as India or Pakistan.


  14. Just of curiosity, do you have any proof or statistics that girls playing with dolls is the cause, rather than the effect? I ask, because if it’s a biological goal to extend one’s species, does it not make sense that there would be an appeal in emulating our elders who have achieved said goals? Similarly, men are programmed with more strength and testosterone so as to defend their families; infertile young boys act on/ready themselves for this by getting in more fights or altercations.

    It’s not an assault on your viewpoint, just clarifying if you feel this must be due to social-conditioning, or appealing to primal nature.


  15. I would agree that Venus energy (women/female) is behind Mars energy (men/male). But Astrologically, we ALL have a Venus and Mars placement which creates MANY variations of ‘women and men’. Where Mars energy IS initiating and aggressive and Venus energy is more refined and about ideas, the initiating aggressive energy IS going to finish first. But that does not make an entire ‘gender’ behind another entire ‘gender’… it only makes one energy different than the other. I have a fairly balanced male/female energy, but it is a complicated set of variables that make me so. This set of variables is best seen in an Astrology chart which IS gender neutral;)

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  16. A female friend recently spoke of a male acquainance’s encounter with an attractive looking female stranger. They spent an evening socializing amongst friends and agreed to meet up again and exchanged contact details. Several days later, during electronic communications, the young lady disclosed that she was a transgender beauty, her date to be was confused, shocked and horrified with the thought that he was attracted and duped by faux feminine signifiers. This makes one wonder how one’s behavioural habits would function amongst a gathering of androgynous beauties. When one considers the influence of socially conditioned perceptions of gender signifiers such as physical differentiation and gender specific bodily adornments and display, one opens up a whole spectrum of questions concerning psychological and cultural programming and social sexual/gender conditioning. As self-aware beings, humans are capable of constructing individual, personal ‘realities’ and are potentially at liberty to exist entirely free from the controls of societal ‘normality’. Thus, sexual attraction is an apparently animalistic, reproductive survival impulse that humans have the power to override, should they so desire. Humans can choose not to procreate and can choose to indulge in recreational sexual activity in the same vein that they indulge in drugs and alcohol and all other potentially addictive diversions.


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