Moral Responsibility

Fellow Truth Seeker on an endless journey,

In a 21st century diluted with misconceptions, my blog aims at clarifying issues in relation to society, morality, politics, economics, the environment, and anything in between. All the while, I make a conscientious effort to centralize agencies such as intersectionality, morality, and universal thinking while trying to educate those who are willing to listen, question, and respond.

Although the idea of America creating a Utopian society free of government restrictions seems far fetched, I believe that together we as citizens, dreamers, and humans can work together in aims of future prosperity, with respect to nature and the Earth humans need for existence.

The question remains, Can we ever truly L I V E?

… and if so, can we ever truly and idealistically live equally & universally?

Can we ever really Know?



14 thoughts on “Moral Responsibility

  1. Great questions. I think we can live, we can do so together, and we can know. But the questions pose sound potential impossibilities and rational philosophical quandaries must be overcome to say “yes” to each.
    A die-hard solipsist would have to say “no” to each. The key is being understood. It’s possible, otherwise the word has no meaning. Take your pick on that one. After that, the more we understand each other the better.
    Utopia is a broad concept. I don’t think of a utopia as a society where nothing need be accomplished anymore. That eliminates the important human element of striving for “better.” So I’ll take a utopia where “better” is possible, we are making satisfactory progress, and we understand each other.
    I’ll judge whether I’m understood by how others react, and I’ll judge whether I understand by similar cues.
    These are just my thoughts at the moment. I’d love yours and may adjust my thinking based on it. I think that is the beauty and joy of discourse.
    Thanks for posting.

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    • Very well put thoughts! I see your point when you speak of your form of “utopia” as you said… Everyone’s utopia is going to differ. I also agree with your point on understanding people.. Maybe if we were all much more understanding we would be able to come together and make a real and substantial change in this world we reside in.
      Thanks for your reflective thoughts!! Greatly appreciated!

      -Truth Seeker

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  2. Thx for the ‘like’ on my blog ‘End Drug War Aotearoa/NZ’
    it is always good to read alternative views.. to the B-S often heard in the ‘mainstream’ & pushed by populous politicians ! “Kia Ora” 🙂

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  3. You have a great blog here with a wonderful purpose, something that we all seek. Looking forward to exchanging insights with you hereafter.
    Oh and I wanted to follow your posts through email and i see you don’t have an option for it. Would it be okay if I suggest you to add that option? It’ll also enable non-wordpress users to sign-up and read from you.
    Wishing you the best! 🙂

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Of course.. I was unaware that I didn’t have the option.. I will check it out today and get back to you! I look forward to exchanging insights with you as well!! Have an inquisitive day friend!

      -Truth Seeker


  4. Good post. I will agree with all but the last statement: “Obtaining an ideal utopian society”

    Everyone’s ideals being somewhat different, it makes obtaining such as a society near enough to impossible as to make little difference. And the word “utopian” bothers me.
    modeled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect; idealistic.
    synonyms: idealistic, visionary, romantic, starry-eyed, fanciful, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky; More
    an idealistic reformer.””

    In such a world or society, there is no reason to strive; to continue to improve. And when there is no struggle, there is no growth. No growth: stagnation. Stagnation: death.

    That’s my interpretation, in any case. Of course, as with most things, your views and milage may vary.

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  5. Thoughtful content. Much of it addles my brain but that’s expected for us philosophical lightweights. Still, your ideas jitter and resonate. Keeps me thinking. I like your stuff, wish you the best.
    Glad you like my cartoon, thanks for stopping by. I try to update every 2-3 days….

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  6. Hello!

    Thank you for the like on my blog article recently. I appreciate you taking the time to read it. 🙂

    I have been enjoying your blog so far, and I sincerely appreciate you allowing me to enter into the discussion even though I seem to be coming from a worldview that is quite different from that of yours and some of your other readers. I enjoy discoursing with people who have contrasting perspectives than I do very much!

    We may never agree with one another on some things, but I think fellow humans can respectfully disagree with one another. 🙂

    I look forward to more deep conversations. Thanks again!

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  7. Utopian society is possible. But only when we realize truth. If everybody worshipped each other, instead themselves or a particular “God”. #NOTHINGMatters


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